2021 Central Table Bargaining Issues

A Tentative Agreement has been reached! Please note, this table only reflects major points of proposals. Not every aspect of every proposal is reflected below. For more detail, please reach out to a member of your Central Table Bargaining team. Last updated 7/27/21.

Priority Bargaining Issues

Bargaining Issue
TA'd Language
Cost of Living Adjustment

– 12/1/21: 2.5%
– 12/1/22: 3.1%

Health InsuranceNo increases to health insurance premium shares.
Pandemic Recognition Pay LOA

RETROACTIVE: One-time payment for workers with at least 12 weeks of mandatory, non-telecommuting hours between 3/8/20 and 6/30/21

  • 480 – 1,039 hours: $1,050
  • 1040+ hours: $1,550
  • $575 additional payment for 200 hours or more OT
Essential Worker RecognitionGOING FORWARD: $1/hr for employees required to work in person when situations exist that would otherwise allow employees to utilize inclement weather/hazardous conditions leave**
Telework/ Telecommuting

Expansion of telework rights: Equitable and fair remote work, remote work being up to a full workweek, remote work not being unreasonably denied, ability to remote work even if only a portion of the position is suitable, rescinding remote work requires a seven-day notice, ability for either party to initiate workgroups to discuss remote work, written remote requests can be submitted with a written response from management due timely and no longer than 30 days, inclement conditions leave for power outages, ability to remote work temporarily during an emergency, the ability to appeal denials to DAS and a joint appeal panel, and more.

State Policy Working Remotely LOALOA to clarify bargaining rights around mandatory subjects of bargaining specific to the remote work policy.
Inclement Weather/Hazardous Conditions/Wildfire ProtectionsImprovements to essential employee and hazardous/inclement conditions leave; Adds protections for unsafe air quality; Protections for workers who lose access to their home due to natural disaster, and more!
Natural Disaster Leave80 hours of leave for employees who have lost their primary residence, lose access to their primary residence or lose use of their primary residence. Employees may also request donated leave.

Adding Juneteenth as a paid holiday and usage of Governor's Leave all year.

Remaining Proposal List

Vacation Cashout

Ability to cash out anytime during the fiscal year, and payments made within 30 days of the request.

BereavementAbility to use bereavement per incident.
Grievance Procedure/Arbitration Appeal Standardizing the arbitration process.
Childcare/Family SupportEstablishing a joint Labor-Management Committee to explore the impact of lack of access to affordable child/elder care and cost offsetting options.
Performance PayRemoval of merit-based salary increases to line up with current practice.
Performance Appraisals Changing “annual performance evaluation” to “quarterly check-in”
Payroll Computation

An LOA on establishing a statewide joint Labor-Management Committee meeting to explore the impact on employees of transitioning to a new payroll system, the committee may recommendations and report their findings, any recommendations related to mandatory bargaining subjects will be brought to successor bargaining, and current timing of paychecks and rate of pay shall stay the same.

Pre-Retirement Counseling Leave

28 hours of pre-retirement counseling leave.

Personnel RecordsReached a Tentative Agreement on various edits to access and process for keeping personnel files.
Scheduling LeaveThe ability to project Vacation Leave.
Letter of Agreement List

Continue LOA’s on New Employee Notice/Access, PEBB Member Advisory Committee, Contracting Out Feasibility Study, Contract Specialist, and State Worker Training Fund. Modify Part-Time Medical Premium Subsidy, and Pay Equity. Sunset Salary Benefits Survey, PERS Diversion, Telecommute (replaced with new article), and HB2016-B Bargaining. Defer Email Use to applicable local tables.

Removal of Term HandicapRemoval of the term handicap/handicaps/handicapped from all agreements and replace it with the term hinder/hinders/hindered with no intent to change the intent of any language. 
Term of Agreement2-year contract, expiring June 30, 2023.