About Us


Oregon AFSCME believes in economic and social justice for all Oregon workers and their families. Our mission is to empower and unite workers to create change in their workplaces and communities. Oregon AFSCME represents over 37,000 workers in the public sector. Our members work for the State of Oregon in addition to counties, municipalities and behavioral health nonprofits across Oregon as well as self-employed child care providers.

How Oregon AFSCME Works 

Oregon AFSCME is one of the largest, move active unions in Oregon. We are member-driven. Every member has a vote in the election of their local union officers and board members as well as ratification of contracts. Members also decide on policies, activities, and dues. 

The union is governed by a statewide Executive Board. The Executive Board is elected every two years by delegates to the union’s biennial convention. The full Executive Board meets quarterly. A 17-member sub-group, the Executive Committee is comprised of the union’s top elected officers and meets monthly.

You can view the Executive Committee here.