When: Friday, Sep 25, 2020, 5:30pm - 6:15pm

The October 12 registration deadline for the fall semester at AFSCME's Free College (100% online and accredited program) is fast approaching. In addition to hundreds of free credit courses and dozens of free Associate Degree programs, for a limited time, there are free bachelor degree programs as well. This is an AFSCME benefit free to all members and their families including your college-age kids and grandkids (even if they do not live with you) and your parents. It is a completely free program and credits and courses are transferable to hundreds of accredited colleges and universities around the country.

AFSCME will be hosting two 45-minute virtual workshops on Friday, September 25th at 12:00pm and 5:30pm. We will walk you through all the basics on how the program works, how to sign up, and more. The call is open to AFSCME members and any of your family members who want to learn more about the program 

There is also more info on the program here:

Register here for the 5:30pm session here