Community Rally to Demand Accountability from City Council After HR Investigation Finds Councilor Violated Sexual Harassment Policy

Community members and City of Canby staff gathered at the Canby City Council meeting, on Wednesday, June 5th at 7 pm to demand accountability from the City Council after an HR investigation found Councilor Sasse in violation of the City’s sexual harassment policy in April of this year. Despite the findings, no action has been taken by the City Council to address this serious breach of conduct.

"In order to lead, there must be trust. When one of you breaks that trust, it is up to the rest of you to hold them accountable. True leadership comes from doing the right thing, even when it's difficult or uncomfortable," stated Fred Yungbluth, President of Oregon AFSCME in prepared remarks. "We are asking that you find the same bravery that our member did, and stand up for the dignity of all workers by expelling Councilor Sasse for his inexcusable behavior. And then we ask that you find a way to restore the trust that this Council will do the right thing going forward because right now that trust is broken through your complacency and tacit acceptance of sexual harassment in the workplace."

All City of Canby staff deserve to work in an environment that is free of harassment. Allowing Councilor Sasse to remain on the Council without any sanctions or discipline sends a message that the City condones and excuses harassment. The City Council must take a stand against this behavior, demonstrating that it will not be tolerated and that all Council members will be held accountable to the same standards and policies they agreed to upon taking office.