Desiree Hill - Black In Labor

Desiree L. Hill is a single mother, grandmother, and soon-to-be great-grandmother who has worked with the public the majority of her life.

In 1981 she started working at Acme Markets. After 29 and a half years, Desiree retired from Acme, if only for 2 hours, and began working with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) International Union as a Union Organizer for Region 1. At UFCW, she continues her work building and strengthening unions as an Organizer.

Since 2008, Desiree has been assigned and deployed to work numerous Presidential Campaigns including the Obama, Clinton, and Biden campaigns, door knocking and phone banking. Desiree also lent her time and service to phonebank to the historic Georgia Senate runoff elections in January 2021.

Desiree is also the President of the Eye of Ra Social Club with the main focus to help clothe, feed, and counsel the less fortunate and those in need. Desiree is a lifetime member of the UFCW Minority Coalition and a Silver Lifetime member of the NAACP.