OHSU Hillsboro Medical Center Community Calls For Dignity and Fairness

The OHSU Hillsboro Medical Center (HMC) community is uniting to support over 50 housekeeping and cafe employees, predominantly women of color, who are facing termination after HMC recently announced its plan to outsource their work to a third-party company, leaving these dedicated workers in a vulnerable position. The rally aims to demand the dignity these workers deserve after years and in some cases, decades of service, including fair compensation and the protection of hard-earned benefits.

The workers affected by these layoffs have received only a 30-day notice, leaving them with limited time to make necessary arrangements. Most distressingly, they stand to lose hundreds of sick leave and vacation hours that they have worked for and earned over their years of service.

The Hillsboro Medical Center Rally for Dignity seeks to shed light on these injustices and demand justice, fairness, and respect for the affected workers. We invite members of the press to join us at the rally to amplify their voices and bring attention to these crucial issues.