Oregon AFSCME Board Statement On The January 6th, 2021 Riots

We stand together in solidarity with AFSCME International, other councils and locals, other unions, community partners, lawmakers, and working people – from all political parties – who have condemned the violence and attack on our democracy we witnessed this week.

On Wednesday we witnessed one of the darkest days of our lifetimes. At a time when our country continues to fight an ever-present global pandemic, one of our most sacred institutions came under attack from a mob spurred on by the rhetoric of the outgoing President. The individuals who participated in the insurrection on Wednesday did so without fear of consequences. Their goal was to destroy our nation’s constitutional process and disrupt the peaceful democratic transition of power, by any means necessary.

Oregon AFSCME represents a diverse group of members, from every political party, every walk of life, and every corner of our state. This is not about party or politics – this is about standing together against attacks on our democratic institutions, and against the use of disinformation to incite violence and illegal activity.

It's important for us to stand together during these turbulent and trying times. We know that together, we will see our nation through this turmoil.

-Oregon AFSCME Board