Oregon AFSCME Weekly Legislative Update 1.23.23

Weekly Legislative Update 1.23.23

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

With the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session well underway, we wanted to remind members like you why it’s so important to get involved in our state politics. The decisions our leaders make on our behalf have major impacts on the work that we do every day, and if we aren’t at the table, our voices won’t be heard.

Here to speak more on this is Oregon AFSCME Executive Director, Stacy Chamberlain:

We're working on bills to:
  • Place limits on the use of mandatory overtime
  • Open the door for caseload limits for behavioral health and public defense employees
  • Cover medical appointment time for folks who are on Workers' Comp

But none of that will be possible without YOU.

Take Action!

We need to get more lawmakers signed on to sponsor our bill to fix an aspect of Workers’ Comp so that Oregonians and Oregon AFSCME members don’t have to use their own sick time to cover their required medical appointments. 

Send a message to your legislators and ask them to support injured workers!

In Solidarity,