Pro-Worker Candidates Excel in Primary Elections

Across the board, AFSCME-Endorsed Candidates had a great night! Here are a few highlights. 

Val Hoyle 

A lifelong advocate for working people won the race for Oregon’s labor Commissioner.  It would be hard to find a person better qualified and readier to take on the task.  Val comes from a union family, served in the legislature, and has spent a career fighting for things like a higher minimum wage, defending PERS and state services, and helping to pass paid sick leave. 

Joe Berney

We met Joe when he came down to walk the picket lines to support Lane County Workers who were on strike.  Since then, he has been working hard to replace anti-union County Commissioner Sid Leiken.  Joe along with huge support from the members of Local 2831 knocked over 20,000 doors and engaged the citizens of Springfield to bring this victory home. Leiken had been believed to be undefeatable just six months ago and ran on a platform that he stood up against striking workers. Now Springfield will be represented by a Commissioner who respects public workers.  Congrats to Joe and Local 2831 for their incredible efforts.

Shemia Fagan

Webster’s needs to do some updating because the new definition of fighter should simply be a picture of Shemia Fagan.  Fagan, a strong advocate for working people who received a 100% legislative score from AFSCME, defeated incumbent and business friendly Democrat Rod Monroe.  Voter’s in Senate District 24 saw right through Monroe’s advertising blitz financed by real estate speculators and landlords, because Shemia Fagan nearly knocked every door in the district.  Countless AFSCME volunteers knocked doors and almost all reported back that the people they spoke to had already talked personally with Shemia. 

Fagan will provide the progressive pro-worker, pro-public service voice in the Senate which will benefit working people.  More than anything District 24 has an honest-fighter who will look out for constituents first, not themselves. 

Tiffiny Mitchell

SEIU 503 Member Tiffiny Mitchell of Astoria, won her primary election for House District 32. Mitchell decided to enter the race when she saw that no one was representing working people. Now we will have a champion for workers on the ballot in November.  There is lots more work to do with Tiffiny but we will stand with her. 

Now our work moves to supporting candidates in November. Join the thousands of other members who help out by contributing to PEOPLE.