Union Childcare Providers Need Our Help

We need five minutes from you to support our union childcare providers
Our childcare providers are unable to plan for their futures

Currently, there is no clear path forward after April 28th. The lack of communication from the Governor on critical issues is putting providers, their families and the families they serve at risk. We have asked, but not received, a response from the Governor’s office and we need your help to prevent the collapse of Family Child Care programs around the state. 

Thank you for taking action! We are in this together. 

Please call the Governor THIS WEEK at (503) 378-4582. In addition, contact your state rep and senator; see the link below. We must know how family child care will be supported now AND after April 28. 



I am (calling/emailing) because as a state we need to prevent a collapse of Family Child Care and ensure these small businesses survive after the emergency declaration is lifted. Time is running out and we have no path forward after April 28.

Please take these critical steps: 

1. Fund the privately paid child care slots so no income is lost, even if children are unable to attend. This will stabilize these small businesses throughout the emergency.

2. Increase the state’s compensation rate for subsidized child care so providers can maintain safe emergency care AND cover additional costs of care due to COVID-19.

3. Continue to pay child care subsidies to providers for all children who were enrolled in March and are now absent due to COVID-19.

4. Continue to waive copays until 60 days after the end of the crisis to avoid further economic destabilization. 

These are family businesses that are vital to our communities. They are and will be critical to our state’s success at coming through this crisis.