Worker Safety Legislative Wins!

Despite the Senate Republican walkout that has spanned the last three weeks, we have made some serious progress on our worker safety agenda this session!

SB 418 will cover all necessary time off for injured workers who need continued care after a workplace injury. This bill is currently awaiting a vote on the House floor today, and is expected to pass! 

SB 592 will increase OSHA accountability by introducing more thorough investigations when a workplace fatality occurs, and imposing penalties employers that violate occupational safety and health requirements. This bill passed through the House last week and is headed to the Governor’s desk!

SB 699 will recognize OLCC Inspectors as public safety officers by adding them to the Fallen Officer’s Memorial Fund in the event that they are killed in the line of duty. This bill passed the House Committee on Thursday and will now go to the floor for a vote! 

While these are both big wins for Oregon AFSCME members and workers across the state, we are still calling on Republican Senators to return to work to do the job that Oregonians entrusted them with. 

Our state infrastructure is in serious jeopardy. All state agencies are facing extreme staffing crises, putting the health and safety of state workers and our communities at risk. We also desperately need to make investments in behavioral and mental healthcare, affordable housing, and child care to make the lives of all Oregonians better. And we can’t do these things if our lawmakers refuse to show up and pass a state budget that will make these things possible. 

These aren’t new problems, and we simply can’t wait another two years to get help from our state leaders. 

We thank you for continuing to show up to serve our communities, and together, nothing can stop our fight on behalf of all workers!