Last week, following numerous reported cases of illegal interference by City of Portland managers in an attempt to disrupt these employees' legally protected right to vote to strike, over 86%

Oregon AFSCME Local 3669 member Marissa Franklin finished her Associate’s Degree in Business Management earlier this year—for free.

Earlier this month the 2018 Short Session came to an end. While the session will mainly be remembered for what did not happen (Cap and Invest), there are some important things to inform you about. 


Important Vote For Oregon AFSCME: Privacy Protection Vote

Oregon AFSCME will be conducting a state-wide vote to change the Union's corporate status under Oregon law. Here is what this change will do.

Today, members across Oregon kicked off the state’s 3rd AFSCME Strong Week with a number of events designed to celebrate the union difference and help us keep building toward a brighter future for our jobs, our families and our communities. 

AFSCME Local 88 members were voting on their great new contract that will help keep up with cost of living, keeps health care expenses under control and takes a number of steps to make our work is respected every single day. 

Oregon AFSCME stands in support of Measure 101, a ballot measure which is a fee on hospitals and insurance companies that fund Medicaid, and provides healthcare coverage for 1 in 4 Oregonians. Our Union endorsed support 101 for some pretty simple reasons and we wanted to make sure members understand why.

Oregon AFSCME members have begun to be contacted by the Freedom Foundation. Their goal? Using misleading information to get union members to undermine their own ability to protect their pay, pensions, benefits and working conditions.

For years, the Freedom Foundation has pushed an anti-labor agenda in Washington state and now, they have their sights set on Oregon. We have the power to stop this assault on our collective voice but to do so we must understand what we’re up against.

 On July, 13th, Oregon AFSCME member Zola Neal and her partner narrowly escaped an apartment complex fire in NE Portland, just blocks from the union’s Portland office. While, lucky and thankful to escape unharmed, the couple did lose all of their belongings in the fire and without renter’s insurance, their situation was even tougher. Zola’s community stepped up for her, creating a GoFundMe page and assisting her with housing and support.

On July 29th, the Oregon AFSCME Executive Board officially dropped the interim title and named Stacy Chamberlain  Executive Director of Oregon AFSCME. 

In the final days of session, the Legislature passed a bill that they referred to as a “Cost Containment” bill.  The bill had many provisions but, one that received very little scrutiny and no public hearing was a provision to no longer allow two public employees that are covered under either the state healthcare benefit plan, PEBB, or the school district health plans, OEBB, to both be covered as dependents of each other.  While the bill had several good things and some that caused concerns, we opposed it due to the elimination of double coverage for members.  As soon as we heard rumo