PORTLAND, OR - Workers at JOIN, a social service organization that supports people experiencing homelessness in their transition to permanent housing, and JOIN leadership announced in a unified sta

Across the board, AFSCME-Endorsed Candidates had a great night! Here are a few highlights. 

Val Hoyle 

A lifelong advocate for working people won the race for Oregon’s labor Commissioner.  It would be hard to find a person better qualified and readier to take on the task.  Val comes from a union family, served in the legislature, and has spent a career fighting for things like a higher minimum wage, defending PERS and state services, and helping to pass paid sick leave. 

Joe Berney

Don't fall for the scam.
When AFSCME members stand together, we have power in numbers. Together, we can defend our freedom to take our loved ones to the doctor when they get sick and retire with dignity some day. Together, we have the power to make our voices heard at work and in our democracy. That’s our AFSCME Agenda.

Public service workers across the country are losing their foothold in the middle class. So says an article in The New York Times this week that serves as a reminder of why labor unions are more needed now than ever.

In developing priorities for the 2015 contract negotiations, AFSCME Local 328 identified that there were significant barriers for lower-wage workers wanting to access educational programs needed to advance within OHSU, which disproportionally affected underrepresented employees. Our union brought the issue of workforce development for low-wage earners to the bargaining table. During negotiations, Local 328 and OHSU formally agreed that recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce is a priority for both organizations.

Earlier this month the 2018 Short Session came to an end. While the session will mainly be remembered for what did not happen (Cap and Invest), there are some important things to inform you about. 


Important Vote For Oregon AFSCME: Privacy Protection Vote

Oregon AFSCME will be conducting a state-wide vote to change the Union's corporate status under Oregon law. Here is what this change will do.

Today, members across Oregon kicked off the state’s 3rd AFSCME Strong Week with a number of events designed to celebrate the union difference and help us keep building toward a brighter future for our jobs, our families and our communities. 

AFSCME Local 88 members were voting on their great new contract that will help keep up with cost of living, keeps health care expenses under control and takes a number of steps to make our work is respected every single day.