Portland, Oregon–In a display of unity and collective strength, members of AFSCME Local 402 representing OHSU Graduate Researchers their new contract with a resounding 98% "Yes" vote. 

July 18, 2023 - The horrific murder of Cascadia McCarthy Place Mental Health Aide, Haley Rogers has placed a spotlight on the issue of safety at one of Multnomah County’s mental health providers.

When contract negotiations began in May of 2023, the majority of Cascadia workers named safety as their number one concern. Frequent issues raised by members have included the scheduling of just one staff person to oversee a facility, program, or outing, in addition to a weapon risk protocol to protect staff and clients.

Salem, Oregon — In a landmark move that signifies the power of union action, state workers represented by Oregon AFSCME have reached a tentative agreement on their new contract with the State. This agreement brings unprecedented Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases for the state workers amidst the rapid rise in inflation and the current statewide staffing crisis.

The OHSU Hillsboro Medical Center (HMC) community is uniting to support over 50 housekeeping and cafe employees, predominantly women of color, who are facing termination after HMC recently announced its plan to outsource their work to a third-party company, leaving these dedicated workers in a vulnerable position. The rally aims to demand the dignity these workers deserve after years and in some cases, decades of service, including fair compensation and the protection of hard-earned benefits.

June 7, 2023, Portland, OR - Oregon AFSCME-represented workers at Outside In, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive behavioral healthcare services in the Portland area, announced the successful settlement of a transformative contract. This landmark agreement marks a significant milestone in improving the recruitment and retention of committed professionals in the field.