Central City Concern Workers Unite!

Across CCC we’re uniting

for ourselves, and our clients.

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All Central City Concern employees deserve better wages, improved workplace safety measures, unwavering nondiscrimination policy enforcement, robust career support, and so much more.

That's why AFSCME members at CCC demanded a free and fair process for non-union employees to join our union at CCC during negotiations last summer. And we won! Because we were united, CCC administrators signed an agreement to a fair process for non-union employees at CCC to make their decision whether or not to join our union.

By standing together as a union, we’re raising the standards for CCC employees and behavioral health workers across the city.

Why join our union?

  • Everyone at CCC deserves equal job protections, workplace rights, benefits, and wages no matter our job title or work location.

  • But with more than half of CCC’s employees left out of the process, it makes it harder for any of usunion or notto raise standards and ensure CCC is a great place to work or receive services.

  • That's why union members at CCC demanded a fair process, free from intimidation by our employer during recent contract negotiations.

Who should join our union?

We are stronger when we are all united, and we invite all eligible non-union employees to join us.

By law, supervisors and guards cannot join our union.

Want more information?

If you would like more information before signing up with an authorization card, fill out this confidential form, and an Oregon AFSCME Organizer will contact you to learn more about what issues are most important to you and give you an opportunity to learn more about our union and this process.

  Fill out the union interest form!

Then what? 

Ultimately, the decision to join the 300 union employees at CCC will be up to you and your coworkers.

If a majority of workers vote to join the union, all CCC employees will be covered by one union contract that will provide guarantees on wages, good benefits, and working conditions. And while we're at it, we'll be united as one union fighting for what all behavioral health and housing workers deserve.


Don't hesitate to contact Oregon AFSCME Organizer Sima Anekonda ([email protected] / 971-353-7867) with questions