We are saddened to report the passing of Giles Gibson, a beloved member of the  Oregon AFSCME family and retired former staff attorney.

As you may have noticed, the Governor sent an email on May 12th about the upcoming state budget, where she asked all General Fund agencies to submit plans to reach an 8.5% budget cut for the current 2019-21 biennium. Because the cuts are targeted for the second half of the biennium, this 8.5% over the total biennium reduction is more like a 17% reduction.

These proposed cuts are an exercise and by no means anything close to final. The legislature will have a special session in June to debate these budget cuts before any cuts occur.

As we sign letters of agreement with additional employers we will update this page.

We need five minutes from you to support our union childcare providers
Our childcare providers are unable to plan for their futures

Currently, there is no clear path forward after April 28th. The lack of communication from the Governor on critical issues is putting providers, their families and the families they serve at risk. We have asked, but not received, a response from the Governor’s office and we need your help to prevent the collapse of Family Child Care programs around the state. 

Employees say county not taking pandemic seriously
By Nicole Montesano, Yamhill News-Register, April 6, 2020

Yamhill County officials are not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and are making work-from-home requirements difficult and punitive, unlike neighboring Oregon counties facing the same challenges, several employees told the News-Register. 

As many may already know, the Governor had declared a state of emergency a while back but this morning I received word that the Oregon Department Of Corrections has decided to officially declare an Article 23 Emergency.

That language has been cut and pasted below for convenience.  Highlighted & bolded are the relevant pieces that describes what specific areas of the contract that can be temporarily deviated from. The rest of the contract still applies.

How do I telework?

  1. Your union has worked out temporary agreements to expand telework with some employers

  2. Other employers have established temporary policies to expand telework.

  3. If you are high risk, you should make sure that information is conveyed as part of your request.

  4. When in doubt, ask your employer to telework, show them how your essential duties can be done remotely. 

If You Think You’re Being Assigned Unsafe Work
Advice for members about handling unsafe assignments and possibly refusing work

Talk to Your Steward

Call the AFSCME SMART Center

Consider OSHA instruction about refusing unsafe work

SALEM, OR - As a newly appointed Salem City Councilor, Vanessa Nordyke takes public service seriously.

While not the only resident vying to serve out Ms. Cook’s term, at the city council’s vote, Nordyke received the most votes and was sworn in as Salem City Councilor, Ward 7.